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The StdLib library is a loose collection of definitions that are of common use. Clean's standard environment (StdEnv) also contains definitions that are of common use, but there is a contrast between these two libraries : the policy of extending the StdLib library is far more tolerant than with the standard environment. So if there is a need or wish in the future to add some useful definitions to the StdLib library this can be done. It is reasonable to include definitions in the StdLib library that should be shared by other libraries, e.g. the "Maybe" type.

Currently the StdLib contains the following modules

  • StdLib: a module that imports all other modules of that library and adds a few definitions
  • StdMaybe: :: Maybe x = Just x | Nothing
  • StdListExtensions: some handy functions on lists (partially taken from the Haskell98 standard)
  • StdArrayExtensions: some handy functions on arrays