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Clean is used in scientific research all over the world. See the publications page of the ST group at the Radboud University Nijmegen for all Clean related publications. To give an impression, here is a list of research topics on which you can find papers in the previous link (please note that this list is far from complete):

  • Dynamic Workflow Management Systems (the iTask system)
  • Generic programming and novel applications:
    • Generation of desktop GUIs and web based GUIs (the GEC and iData system)
    • Model-based testing and model checking (the GAST system)
    • Bridging the gap between relational databases and programming language types
  • Dynamic typing coupled with static typing (the Dynamic types)
    • Merging dynamic types with generic functions
  • Reasoning about Clean programs with the proof tool assistant Sparkle
  • Uniqueness types for handling side-effects in a pure functional style
  • Strictness types and analysis
  • Compiler and interpreter technology
    • the SAPL system
    • program fusion to optimize generic code
    • dynamic linking
    • ABC-machine
    • Term-Graph Rewriting
    • garbage collection
  • GUI programming (the Object I/O system)
  • Concurrent programming and code generation