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Functional Programming in Clean is a book in progress. The first version of the book has been written by Paul de Mast (Polytechnical University Brabant), Jan-Marten Jansen and Dick Bruin (Polytechnical University Leeuwarden), Jeroen Fokker (University of Utrecht), Pieter Koopman, Sjaak Smetsers, Marko van Eekelen and Rinus Plasmeijer (all University of Nijmegen).

The book is intended as an introduction to functional programming in Clean for undergraduate students. It consists of three parts. Part I is an introduction to functional programming. Part II will contain complete non-trivial example applications. This part of the book should be useful for people who want to develop serious programs. Part III discusses software engineering aspects and theoretical background material.

Currently, only Part I has been kept up-to-date. The interactive example programs use the new Clean Object I/O library. Part II relies on unsupported I/O libraries. For this reason we do not provide the drafts. Part III presents material that suffers less from the arrow of time, but keep in mind that the last version was written in 1997.

Satoshi Ikeda has translated the Clean book to Japanese. We include the link with his kind permission.

Book Content

Part I: Introduction to Functional Programming

Part I of the book has been rewritten in September 2001 and is available in pdf

Part II: Case studies

Part II is out-of-date. Currently there are no plans to work out the case studies.

Part III: Software Engineering Aspects

Part III (version August 1997):

  • Developing Techniques for Functional Programs PS PDF
  • Programming Styles and Paradigms PS PDF
  • Efficiency of Programs PS PDF