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The Clean platform project is an effort to gradually move the current Clean system from a language, tool set and libraries towards a programming "platform". The project aims to achieve this by pursuing the following goals:

  • Define a broad consistent collection of libraries.
  • Provide guidelines and protocols for library developers
  • Enhance the tool set and possibly the language itself to make the development of multi-platform libraries easier.
  • Collect, refactor and extend existing libraries to make them consistent with the platform standards

As a little experiment, we will document the project on this wiki. So we'll draft the guidelines and other facts online as we go along.

Currently we have only just started on some drafts:

We very much welcome constructive suggestions, so feel free to discuss these drafts on the wiki or send suggestions using the mailing lists.

Subversion Repository

The Clean platform is in development in a subversion repository at the University of Nijmegen. You can checkout this repository from the following url:

You can also just browse this repository in WebSVN at the following url: