Clean 2.3 Compatibility Overview

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Not all Clean Tools and Libraries are available on each platform. On this page we provide an overview of what is available on which platforms for the (upcoming) Clean 2.3 release.

Platform Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Linux 32-bit Linux 64-bit
System tools
Clean 2.3 compiler X X X X
Code generator X X X X
Optimizing static linker X X - -
Dynamic linker X - - -
Batch build (Clean make system) x x x x
CLM (Linux clean make system) - - X X
Additional tools
Project file editor - - X X
Clean IDE X X - -
Time profile viewer X X x x
Heap profile viewer X X - -
htoclean X X X X
Sparkle (proof system) X - - -

X = Available in the distribution x = Will become available, but not yet included O = Optionally available for that platform - = Not available for that platform ? = Not tested / Unknown